SAGE multiplicity code

Download the SAGE multiplicity code and use it from SAGE with the command

load "/path/to/mult_functions.sage"

example usage

To calculate d_{\L_1,\L_2} in Appendix Section A.1 of Diagonal free field matrix correlators, global symmetries and giant gravitons

for part_n in Partitions(5):
    for part_k in Partitions(3):
        print part_n, part_k, multiplicity(part_n,part_k)

To calculate inner products C(R,R,\L_1), i.e. the number of times \L_1 appears in the symmetric group tensor product R \otimes R, for \L_1 = [4,2]

for R in Partitions(6):
    print R, inner(R,R,[4,2])