These programs are written in python, released under the GNU General Public Licence and are designed to be run from a GNU/Linux or Mac OS X command line.

Lie algebra (co)homology for supergroups

Lie algebra code (tar.gz compressed archive) is a collection of object-oriented python programs for calculating Lie algebra (co)homology for supergroups, in particular of the form psl(n|n). For psl(2|2) (co)homology is explored for the trivial, adjoint and several discrete series atypical representations (notation and results collected in psu112.pdf). For general psl(n|n) the trivial and singleton (for n even) representations are implemented (notation and results collected in pslnn.pdf).

Cut-and-join operators

Cut-and-join code eases the calculations in Cut-and-join operators and N=4 super Yang-Mills using the SAGE computer algebra system.

Schur-Weyl duality multiplicity

SAGE multiplicity code computes the various multiplicities used in Diagonal free field matrix correlators, global symmetries and giant gravitons using the SAGE computer algebra system.

Correlators in U(2) sector of N=4

correlator computes tree- and one-loop correlators in the U(2) scalar sector of N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills.

arXiv script

arXiv script is a command line utility for downloading information and files from the arXiv.

SPIRES script

SPIRES script is a command line utility for downloading references from SPIRES.